Filmmaker Tools and Links

Below are some planning tools and links to help you in your quest to produce your next feature film project. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference as you move through the production process.

As we find new tools and site links we think will be valuable to you, we'll add them here. If you find any tools or sites that you think are valuable resources for filmmakers, e-mail a link to and we'll include it here.


Kodak Film Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much stock you will need to purchase if you are plannig on shooting on film. The calculator supports all Kodak formats. Simply select the format (35mm, 16mm, etc.) and frame rate, enter either the total film length in feet or the total running time and it will calculate the other.

Film Stock Calculator

Here is another Java based calculator which lets you input your shooting ratio, running time in minutes, cost per foot, discount and sales tax, and will calculate how many feet of film stock you'll need, and the exact total cost.

Depth of Field Calculator

Allows you to calculate your depth of field for any given lens and camera combination. Designed primarily for still cameras, it takes the camera itself into consideration. Useful if you plan to shoot on 35mm film or are using a depth of field adaptor like the P+S Technik's unit.

Special Skill Training

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight is a tactical firearms training facility that offers training in the proper technique and use of various firearms. Front Sight's coarses are available to any person who meets their security clearance requirements, and has trained many Hollywood actors preparing for movie roles requiring the use of firearms.

Links for a complete list of articles on Front Sight, their training facility and the various programs they offer is available by clicking here.


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