Film / Video Editing

At the heart of Q Station’s post production chain is our Final Cut Pro edit system. The system currently runs on a top of the line 8-core MacPro and is equipped all of the tools necessary to create broadcast quality masters.

The system is configured to allow editing of footage from a wide variety of formats and frame rates, including DV, HD, HDV, Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 and many more. Raw footage is ingested into the system and stored on one of our mirrored RAID arrays to preserve data integrity.

Any audio tracks, including narration, music, and sound effects are recorded, mixed and edited in our state of the art recording studio before being transferred to our Final Cut system.

The raw elements are cut together with graphics and text overlays as needed, and the finished project is then mastered to your choice of BetaSP, HDV, DV, DVD, Quicktime files or VHS.

If you want to publish your video on the web, or include it on a CD-Rom, we can also compress and create Quicktime or Windows Media movies directly from Final Cut Pro to preserve the highest possible quality.

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