The Recording Studio

The crown jewel of Q Station’s production facility is our state of the art digital recording studio. Completed in 1998 and upgraded on a continual basis, the nearly 600 square foot recording facility is conveniently located in the center of Broward County, Florida, with direct access to I-95, I-595, US-441, and the Florida Turnpike.

The Control Room

Equipped with a ProTools TDM Mix Plus recording system, an 8 foot projection screen, stadium style viewing seats, various synthesizers and outboard gear, and a complete 5.1 surround system featuring THX certified equipment, Q Station’s 154 square foot control room has the tools to handle any type of recording project.

• Music Recording
• Film Scoring
• Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR)
• Foley / Sound Effects
• Film Mixing in Mono, Stereo, or 5.1 surround sound

The entire control room uses balanced power for cleaner sound, and is on a battery backup system to protect from data loss in the event of a power surge or interruption.

The Live Room

Paired with the control room is a 400 square foot acoustically designed live room is large enough to handle a small chamber orchestra, and suitable for everything from voice over recording, to full album production.

The room is equipped with a wide array of different instruments, including drum kit, piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, flute, violin, tenor saxophone, and trombone, all of which are available for use at no extra charge.

For ADR, Foley and other film and television post-production work, a video monitor displays the same image fed to the control room’s projection system, allowing actors and musicians to synchronize their performances with picture.

Vocal Booth / Sound Lock

Serving double duty as both and sound lock and recording space, the 40 square foot vocal booth sits neatly between the Control Room and Live Room.
Covered from floor to ceiling with plush carpet, the room is acoustically ‘dead’ and is ideal for recording anything where a live ambient sound is not desired.

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