Field Production for Film and Video

The majority of Q Station’s film and video projects are produced on location, or ‘in the field’, rather than on a sound stage. This keeps costs at a minimum, without sacrificing quality.

We can set up and film at any location: a house, a restaurant, inside a car. The only requirement is that we must have permission from the property owner.

Cost Benefits of Filming on Location

Sound stages charge $1,000 per day or more for use of their facility. This fee does not normally include any extras such as equipment and crew.

Filming on location eliminates this expense, as well as the labor and material expense of constructing sets. It is much cheaper to film in an actual restaurant, for example, then to try to build a restaurant on a soundstage.

Production Formats

Q Station can produce projects in a wide variety of formats, including 35mm film, 16mm film, HD, and DV. We will help you select the most appropriate format depending on the intended use and budget.

The majority of our projects are produced in High Definition at 24fps (frames per second), the same frame rate as 35mm film. We have found that 24p HD is a very high quality, cost effective medium that provides a very similar look to 35mm acquisition.

In addition, by filming and mastering at 24fps, the finished project can easily be converted to any other format, including HD 1080i, HD 720p, NTSC (60i, 30p), 24p, PAL (50i, 25p), and can even be output to 35mm film for theatrical exhibition.

Production Equipment

Unlike many production companies, Q Station owns and maintains it’s own production equipment, including HD cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. This allows us to move into production quickly, and cost effectively.

Need a sweeping crane move for your commercial? Use our 15 foot camera crane. Want a long tracking move in your independent feature? We’ll bring our small format track dolly. We have everything you’ll need to make your vision a reality. Not sure what you need? Not a problem, we’ll help you plan your project and make sure we have everything with us to make your shoot a success.

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